Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back To Shellac - CND Rubble

I'm back to Shellac! I've always had great luck with it and even took a six month or so break to save some money see how my nails would do and, most importantly, try all the Zoya & Essie colors I'd been accumulating. My nails went back to their pre-shellac behavior of breaking and peeling every now and again. I missed being able to wash dishes without rubber gloves on and peeling labels off things without fear of breaking a nail. But what I missed most? The SHINE. Day-of, high-gloss shine even 2 weeks later. So I'm back and I adore it as much as I remember.

Color of the week: Shellac Rubble

Shellac Rubble - indirect sunlight

Shellac Rubble - direct sunlight

Please disregard the portion of my finger I inadvertently stabbed with a steak knife.

*manicure by Sarah at Dep Nails in North Olmsted 440.979.1008


  1. I'm obsessed Shellac!! I'm currently in that 'break' stage, and this post may just be the thing that gets me to book an appointment soon. :)

  2. Went to my appointment yesterday and also got the Shellac! Using this stuff, I can go 3 weeks between appointments. Mine is the Red Baroness (I am not as brave about my color choices).

  3. Ooh...I like it! I'm currently rocking Masquerade, but will check this one out next.

  4. I am enjoying the last week of my shellac before I take a six month detox. I am addicted to it & I'm one of the lucky ones that my nails are stronger and healthier with it on. However, it is like someone else's smoking and I realized how much money I could be saving if I didn't get shellac every 3 wks. I'm so sad to see it go :(

  5. That's the color my mom just got her nails. I like it a lot!

  6. I love shellac! I've also been trying out different nail polish shades recently but I miss the glossiness.


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