Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beef Short Ribs & Mushroom-Port Ravioli

Beef short ribs are a mainstay in our household. Used in tacos, flatbreads, with polenta, pasta or simply on their own, it's a surefire way to right whatever wrongs occurred in your day. I slow cook mine with a mix of beer and red wine and usually throw it over a little pappardelle.

This week I had some ravioli from Ohio City Pasta on hand. One of my favorites is their Mushroom, Port Wine & Blue Cheese and it served to be a decadent addition to the dish.

Starting with my usual recipe,  I seasoned and browned the beef before adding the wine and beer. When it's finished I reduce the braising liquid and topped the ravioli with the short ribs, a bit of the reduction and some sauteed cremini mushrooms. The ravioli is a perfect accompaniment with it's earthy mushroom flavor and hints of blue cheese and sage. 

This is a wonderfully hearty fall dish that makes everything right in the world...if just for one night. Pair it with a great bottle of red or a yummy autumn beer. I enjoyed mine with a maple bourbon cider. Just because :)



  1. YUM! And paired with a fabulous fall cocktail?! Perfection. So, when can I come over for dinner? :)

  2. i want this entire meal right now. short ribs are my favorite as is bourbon cider!!!

  3. This looks amazing. I need to try this!

  4. Ummmmm, maple bourbon cider??!!! I'm trying this asap.

  5. Yum! I've had short ribs on the brain lately. Thanks for fueling the fire, this sounds amazing!


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