Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dinner For One

Last night, while the Husband was at golf league, I had a much-needed night in with my dvr, a bottle of wine and a pair of slippers. It's a joke around our house how I require copious amounts of alone time. Cohabitation doesn't came naturally for me. I never had roommates, always liked my own space and found it to be a big selling point when I met a guy that had a busy social calendar. If you have golf and basketball league and like to meet the guys out for Monday night football, we might just be a match.

On these days, I stay in, blast my Ella, get cooking and usually watch some Housewives behaving badly. Yesterday got away from me and I forgot to go to the market. I didn't want takeout and decided just to whip up whatever was left in the fridge. 

2 small squash, a half dozen ravioli, asparagus and half a red pepper

Smoked mozzarella ravioli from Ohio City Pasta

A bottle of Vinho Verde

And the season finale (how is it over already?) of my new favorite show

The Newsroom {via

Did anyone else get chills when Teenage Wasteland started playing? Love. This. Show.
Thank you Aaron Sorkin. All is right in my world on a perfect Wednesday night.

What do you whip up when it's dinner for one?


  1. I feel you about "alone time". My work schedule has been pretty awful, but Thurs night is Project Runway (missing it tonight) and that is my favorite show to watch with a bottle of wine and just veg out!

  2. That sounds perfect. I am so into alone time. I need it to recharge.

  3. I am OBSESSED with The Newsroom! I'm not a huge t.v. person, but this show has me hooked. I am in love with Will (and his intelligence) and want to be Mac and/or Sloane.

    If only the real media were just like ACN.....

  4. I've never heard of Newsroom. Just what I need - another show to follow! haha Thanks for the post! (And I agree: I love evenings alone like this, too!)

  5. Can't wait to start this show now!

  6. Even in its silly or borderline overly-dramatic moments, I love love love The Newsroom. Was watching it on my phone (thanks HBO GO!) while I was away. A different kind of guilty pleasure than True Blood but 2 nice Sunday night fixes. I miss Mad Men and Walking Dead though (my favorite Sunday entertainment).


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