Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Recapping The Weekend

I love a weekend recap. On a Tuesday. Sometimes Monday is just too much and I need an extra day to get my sh*t together. Yep, yesterday was that day. I got a lot accomplished, so it was a good Monday in all.

I planned my entire Friday night around The Avengers. Feeling like I was the only person in Cleveland yet to see it (Did you know they filmed here? No? Then you must not live here because that is all anyone can talk about.) I love my city, but we sure know how to twitter-beat something to death. Which is why I waited a week to see it as I was scared of being squashed in a super packed theater. And you know what? It was worth it. We had cocktails/beer and a nibble before the show at Luxe and then grabbed more wine/beer at the Capitol. I suggest seeing any 3D movie with a glass of wine in hand. It totally lets you forget you're wearing sunglasses to watch it and that your left eye is twitching. Don't even get me started on the 3D experience. We have one of those TVs at home and it took me a year to try it. I'm going with "It's a guy thing." The movie was great. Go see it.

The next day was Cleveland Fashion Week's black-tie gala (more on that in a later post) and I thought the husband and I would run errands, grab a cocktail and enjoy the lovely weather flitting about town. We apparently have very different ideas on what makes a great Saturday afternoon as his was to put brakes on one if his cars. Really? I'm sure beer and cigars were involved.

Saturday night the Husband, Alicia, Jen and I got all dolled up and headed out to Pier W to kick-start our night. The lounge is the perfect place to stop for drinks if you're all dressed up and it's beautiful in there. Reservations were all booked up but there was plenty of room in the bar are a little after 6. The best part? The awesome happy hour they have during the week extends to Saturdays and runs until 6:30. Perfection.

The second best thing? You can take prom-like photos with your friends. (see above)

After the Gala, we were craving bubbly (as they ran out about 15 minutes in) so we swung by Market Avenue Wine Bar for a bottle to go. They had a ton of bubbles at all price-points already chilled. And they sell it at state minimum prices. Yep, we got that bottle at midnight at a wine bar for less than at some local shops/grocery stores. Score! We then retired to my living room where we took off our shoes, sipped, laughed and chatted. Good times, dolls. Good times.

Sunday brought brunch at my brother-in-law's where he (and the Husband) cooked brunch for Baby Penton's mom, grandmothers and aunts. Let me just say the guys should be in the kitchen more often! It was delish.

Sunday night was spent making homemade pizza thanks to this week's Fresh Fork offerings of pizza dough, sausage and sauce. We added baby portabellas, gouda, havarti, shaved parm and red onion.

We kicked back with a bottle of wine, our pie and watched North by Northwest which had us picking out Cary Grant as Don Draper and Eva Marie as Betty.



  1. So so much fun with you this weekend: thanks for helping to make me feel all pretty again! p.s. I'm coming over for pizza night...

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend! Haven't been to Pier W for happy hour but that sounds like great idea. Def. have to try it out!

  3. That pizza looks delish! Saturday evening was perfection...you forgot to mention the photo shoot on the fainting couch and me trying to get the cats drunk, though...

  4. How did I miss that? No wonder Felix had a hangover....The best part was when you walked into the living room and said "You never told me you had Betty Draper's fainting couch!"
    How that never came up in coversation is beyond me.

  5. I hate 3D movies! I still have to go see the Avengers also! D: #badClevelander

  6. LOVE the Fresh Fork pizza weeks! Yours looks dee-lish! Thanks for reminding me about my new pizza stone that needs broken in...

    You ladies looks gorgeous! Totally reminds me of prom in a fun, cool way!


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