Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scenes from a Honeymoon (but not a wedding)

I have been officially smitten with the Husband for 8 years today. We lived together for 5 years before getting married and it's safe to say I really, really liked him, but was unwilling to go all-the-way-to-SMITTEN without a ring. 23 would have been way too young to be getting married anyway. (at least for me)

I'm such a girly-girl that it's kind of funny how I was about my own wedding.

I didn't want a bridal shower so we had an engagement party with family and friends (guys and girls) with amazing food, wine, cocktails and a keg of Christmas Ale. (cause nothing says matrimony quite like getting everyone together and wasted on Christmas Ale and seeing who gets along then)

I have a weird thing about opening gifts in front of large groups of people so we thanked everyone and opened them quietly at home. That didn't go over well with a few of the older relatives. They came for cake and presents and got a Browns game and beer.

To this day I have never watched my wedding video. (Probably never gonna happen) And have exactly one small photo framed and on my desk (that took me 5 years to put up). All my photos are in a box and I have no interest in an album. What is wrong with me?

My memory of that day is perfect and I don't really need anything else. And I get to see the husband every day, so it's not like I'm going to forget what he looks like.

I do, however, have pictures all over the house (as large as wedding photos) of the honeymoon. We chose to do a week in London and a week In Paris. In London we stayed in a hotel but in Paris we rented a flat 2 blocks from the Opera. It was glorious and I highly recommend living like a local for at least a bit of your trip.

So there it is. Scenes from a honeymoon.

But I totally want to see your wedding pics, so when I come over, pour me a glass of wine and haul that album out!



  1. This is too cute! And I'm totally getting you drunk on wine so I can see all the wedding pics.

  2. Loved seeing the honeymoon photos again! Your engagement party was perfect and we had such a great time there! Congratulations on your 8 year anniversary! Hope you and Chris have a special evening planned.

  3. Once my boyfriend pops the question, (which I am absolutely in no hurry for, we've been together almost three years and 30 is approaching fast,) This is EXACTLY how I want to do it. No shower, no opening gifts in front of everyone, and a KICK ASS honeymoon. Beautiful pictures, and congratulations to you. What a lovely couple!

  4. Anonymous12:30:00 PM

    Happy Anniversary!
    Wow you guys look exactly the same!

  5. @anonymous-ha ha!
    @whyCLE-don't even think about it...I do love watching other people open gifts (so get ready!)
    @Jen-you are too sweet!

    I did have an amazing evening wedding. Henn Mansion. 7pm ceremony in the foyer followed by cocktails, apps, desserts and live jazz. And there was even a huge snowstorm! (which is why got married in winter) Actually this is the first year it hasn't snowed on this date. Hmmm...

  6. Ah the honeymoon sounds great! We did New Mexico for a few days, but will be continuing in Italy this summer (I think it's best to break up the trip in at least 27 voyages). :-)

    CONGRATS on the 8+ years!

  7. Congrats! what a lovely post! I can only hope I'll be so lucky to say the same about my boyfriend and I :)

  8. We have the same opinions on these things. Thats why we did the ceremony in Italy. I loved the honeymoon photos. You both were handsome/beautiful then, but your getting even better with age! Congratulations!

  9. I love, love, love your no shower/no present opening/Christmas Ale/Browns party. A girl after my own heart! Now, onto convince my friends and family this is what I need!

  10. Happy Anniversary! We'll be celebrating 8 years in Oct... and i hardly have any wedding pics up either. I used to think it was because we were right on that digital cusp where we didn't have as many options as the people who got married even a few years after us... but reading this post I'm not sure that's it. I have photos framed of many of our trips and huge ones of our trip to Peru... so I dunno. Anyways! Thanks for stopping by my blog and it's so nice to "meet" you!!!

  11. I love it! I like it simple too. When are we getting together to see your video?? We can eat cake and drink champagne!

  12. First of all - thank you for all the lovely comments and congrats! You are all so sweet.
    Second - There will be NO video watch/album party, so just forget it!


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