Monday, February 27, 2012

CND Shellac Tropix

The mani of the week is CND Shellac in Tropix. I met my girlfriend at the salon and we ended up choosing the same color. We obviously haven't moved on from the days of coming out of the ladies room with the same lipstick on. What can I say? My girls have great taste!
I've been obsessed with the Zoya polish in Lo I posted on a few weeks ago. If it only lasted as long as Shellac. So I brought it along and looked for a similar color. Tropix was the obvious choice and it might be a new favorite. Have I said that before?

Jaclyn & I think we're cute

Here's the Zoya polish I brought to match. In natural light it's pretty close. 



  1. love it! that's such a great color!!

  2. I bought a similar color recently, it's going to be a great pop for spring!

  3. It's my favorite color in a long time. Glad I'm friends with a gal who has such great taste!

  4. I am a firm believer in Shellac - I hear they are coming out with some new colors! Until then I stick with the french manicure and deal!

  5. I love shellac! It lasts 2 weeks for me and I've used CND shellac, Gelish and Opi GelColor and have had the same luck with them all. It's all in the application, so a great manicurist is essential.

  6. I'm loving this color and think it's perfect for my pre-vacay mani!


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