Monday, February 20, 2012

Ann Taylor - Looking Bright for Spring & Summer

My Ann Taylor card is about ready to scream. Can I get my limit raised? Just kidding. (ok, not kidding) They've got a new celebrity ad campaign, hello Kate! And some pretty fantastic fashion to go along with.
I. Want. Every. Piece. Why are we still chatting? Let's get to the goods.

Get into a bright state of mind:

Look #1 - $38-$158
Look #2 - $34-$228
Look #3 - $30-$158
Look #4 - $34-$228
Look #5 - $30-$118

Great neutrals to pair with neon accents (lips, nails, belts, clutches!)

Look #1 - $48-$228
Look #2 - $58-$128
Look #3 - $48-$228
Look #4 - $48-$198
Look #5 - $48-$298

Preview of a hot, hot summer:

See more of what's to come here.


  1. Want, Want, Want!!! I need to start saving.

  2. AHHHHHH! LOVE! I especially like the second grouping, of the bold geo patterns and neutrals. I feel like they're kind of behind with the brights? Seems a little 'last year' to me? But I love those neon-tipped pointy toe flats...I think I need them.

  3. @rachel - I agree, but I love that the trend is not going away. And now I can find affordable quality brights. I had a hard time last year with the brights/neons being cheap or too expensive for me. I love the geo prints too :)

  4. I agree Kim. I am glad to see this trend is staying. Love it all!

  5. Really nice. I like that these are all really easy looks to replicate too.

  6. LOVE that mustard colored dress. Sigh... want.


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