Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scentsy Sale & Bricks Being Discontinued

Now through tomorrow (2/29 at midnight) take 10% off all Scentsy products here.

As of March 1st, Scentsy will no longer offer the Scentsy Brick. They have decided to discontinue the bricks and only stock the bars going forward. The bricks are the larger size and 1 brick = 6 bars. (it's like getting a bar for free)
So if you have a favorite scent that you always keep on hand, stock up on the bricks before they're gone. These would also make wonderful gifts for Easter or Mother's Day.

Check out the entire catalog here.

Twinkle warmer from the Nursery Collection

The 10% off sale runs through Wed 2/29 at midnight so be sure to stock up!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

CND Shellac Tropix

The mani of the week is CND Shellac in Tropix. I met my girlfriend at the salon and we ended up choosing the same color. We obviously haven't moved on from the days of coming out of the ladies room with the same lipstick on. What can I say? My girls have great taste!
I've been obsessed with the Zoya polish in Lo I posted on a few weeks ago. If it only lasted as long as Shellac. So I brought it along and looked for a similar color. Tropix was the obvious choice and it might be a new favorite. Have I said that before?

Jaclyn & I think we're cute

Here's the Zoya polish I brought to match. In natural light it's pretty close. 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recapping The Week - DC Pasta, Noodlecat, Bloggers, Wine & Lexus

I've found that recently my weeks are crazy and filled with friends, events and fun and my weekends have been relaxing and unwinding. This week was the perfect example in that Monday through Thursday were filled with activities and Friday-Sunday I had nothing planned. Nothing. I checked. With the Husband. At least three times. I love being at home. Cooking, snuggling with a glass of wine, just doing whatever. Not to say I don't love getting out. There are so many events going on constantly that you just have to make sure that you don't overcommit yourself. Which is easy to do in the CLE.

Monday started out with my mother and her husband being in town. We dined at Lago in Tremont where I ordered the (amazing) beef carpaccio all-for-myself. I would have shared, but they weren't interested. I ended up with the duck breast over spring pea risotto (which was the special) and afterward we walked over to Dante for dessert at the bar. If you haven't had dessert there, Get There Now. I'm the girl who always eats too much and has no room left for dessert, but I save room when I'm here. We ordered the roasted pumpkin cheesecake with candied pecans and bourbon, toasted coconut creme caramel and the ice cream/sorbet tasting. There are no words.

Since Dante's new DC Pasta Co had opened in Strongsville just a few days prior, the Husband, Mother in Law and I met for lunch to check it out. DC pasta is a collaboration between Dante Boccuzzi and Carmella del Busso offering freshly made, affordable pasta where you can bring the whole family. Pastas are avilable in 3 sizes (tasting, appetizer, entree) and they have 25 Italian wines under $25. See entire menu here. Check out this wonderful (p)review and pics from Exploring Food My Way.

The best Mother-in-Law ever, Chef Dante, the front of DC Pasta has wine, fresh pasta and other Italian delights for purchase.
Clockwise - oven roasted mushroom appetizer, eggplant-ricotta-tomato-basil-pigtail pasta (app size), pork meatball,
pappardelle bolognese w/ beef-veal-pork(app size),  spinach gnocchetti w/ gorgonzola and walnuts (tasting), pumpkin filled tortellini w/ amaretto (tasting)
The mushroom appetizer was so wonderful I'm craving it again. The eggplant pasta we felt could use a bit more eggplant, but other than that all the pastas were fantastic. I expected the pumpkin tortellini to be a bit sweet, but it wasn't. It was light and savory and the Husband even liked it (and he's not a pumpkin fan). The gorgonzola dish is amazingly rich and flavorful with a great crunch from the walnuts and we could barely finish it between the 3 of us. Which, oddly, won't stop me from ordering it again. I'm convinced no one could finish the entree size of this it's so filling.

I'm excited to be heading here again on Tuesday for dinner to try even more of the menu and check out the great wine list.

Tuesday night was the monthly meetup of the Ohio Blogging Association. This month we met up at Wine & Design in Tremont for a little, you guessed it, wine. If you are a blogger or blog lover, I highly recommend you come to an event. We are a fun bunch if I do say so myself! You can read recaps from Jen @ Why CLE?, Alicia @ Poise in Parma or Nadine at Blog The New Black or Crystal @ Eat*Drink*Cleveland.

Finally getting to meet Nadine,  wine we tasted, Kristian made everyone's day bringing Pazcki, Crystal & I,
Miss WineOH paired our wines with nibbles, Wine & Design coziness.
Wednesday brought our GNO at the Cat (Noodlecat) and if you haven't been there read this. Sarah, Crystal, her friend Elizabeth and my friend Michelle spent a few hours slurping and digging in to buns, cocktails and desserts.

The crowd getting ready for the runway show.

Thursday I headed with the Husband to the Lexus Style Show at Playhouse Square. Fashion and cars collided in a beautiful space atop the stage at the State Theater. On our way home we stopped at Happy Dog for some post-Playhouse dogs.

So that's the week. Which is why I'm wrapping it up with a cozy, winter weekend in yoga pants and a hot beverage. I'm not leaving the house til Monday. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lexus Style Show - Playhouse Square

Last night local Lexus dealers put on their annual Lexus Style Show to unveil the redesigned 2013 Lexus GS. 'The beauty of Lexus meets the beauty of fashion' was the theme of the evening where cars and fashion collided on the stage of the State Theater. This was a free event with invitations being sent out to Lexus customers and a limited number of public tickets. By the time I realized I was able to attend, all the tickets were sold out and I thankfully scored 2 from a drawing by Playhouse Square. (thanks!)

The main lobby of the theater was swarming with people and Lexus spared no expense with complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. At 7:30 we moved into the theater and the show began featuring fashions from Beachwood Place.


The squeals began when the boys showed up. @ Brigade

a strategically placed hand  @ Brigade

A sequin and a feather! Be still my heart.  @ Bebe
fashions from Beachwood Place

When the fashion show was complete it was time to unveil the 2013 Lexus GS. The crowd mingled while dessert was served, cocktails were refreshed and everyone got up close and personal with the cars.

The husband wondering if the car makes him look more handsome.

I'm obviously very impressed with the spacious, gorgeous interior.

It was a great evening of fashion, fun and people watching. If only shopping for a new car was always this easy and glamorous! Thanks to Lexus and Playhouse Square for a wonderful event.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birchbox February 2012 & Bonus Vichy Box

This month I asked Birchbox subscribers on facebook and twitter if you liked checking out what everyone else was getting or if you liked to be surprised when your box came. It was pretty split right down the middle with half wanting the surprise and the other half (me included) who just couldn't wait every month and loved seeing what others were getting. The problem with knowing what everyone received already is that you start to hope for certain things  (stick on eyeliner and Exude lipstick - in my case) and when your Birchbox finally arrives without these items you're left wanting more. First world problems, I know....

Not saying I didn't like what I received but I would have gladly given up a few for the ones I really wanted. Ah, the power of the Birchbox.

Kiehl's - Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
Heart-shaped nail file
WEI - Pomegranate Buffing Beads
Blow - Blow Up Daily Volumizing Conditioner
BLK DNM - Perfume 11
Digital Download - Green River Ordinance (6 songs)

I"m interested to try out the newest Kiehl's serum since I do have some hyperpigmentation on my cheek. The one that faces the car window, from sun exposure. I love most everything from the Blow line and haven't tried this conditioner yet. The perfume smelled good, but was a bit androgynous and I couldn't figure out if it was supposed to be or was just a bit too masculine for me. It is hip and spicy (just like it says on the card.)

As if they knew I was a bit disappointed, they sent another treat. Depending on your online profile (think sensitive or aging skin) Birchbox sent out a bonus box from Vichy Laboratories. Vichy is France's original doctor-based skincare company known for their anti-aging products. The town of Vichy is known for it's spring water filled with 15 rare minerals, high in anti-oxidant properties. This mineral-rich water is the foundation of their line.

Aqualia Thermal Cream - 24 hr Hydrating Care  
Lifactiv Rhamnose Night - Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Care  
Purete Thermal - 3-in-1 Cleanser 
Purete Thermal - Eye Makeup Remover
Celludestock - Intensive Cellulite Treatment

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Main Street Cupcakes Wedding Tasting

Planning a wedding? Get your reservation in for the Group Wedding Tasting at Main Street Cupcakes. This is an event that rolls around maybe once a year. Also known as the event where they will book up all their wedding dates.

hello gorgeous {via}
More Info:
(from their site)

3 opportunities this year!
Saturday, March 3rd at our Medina Location
Sunday, March 4th at Rocky River and HudsonSunday, March 11th at Rocky River and Hudson
$5/person 12:00pm-2:00pm (Reservations required! 

Try an array of our cupcakes and learn more about Cupcake Wedding Cakes: the cutest trend in Weddings! Due to the size of our shops we kindly ask for a limit of 4 persons per wedding. So no more than you and 3 friends ;) 

Reservations and pre-payment required: Please Call 440.331.3661 for our Rocky River shop, 330.342.0833 for our Hudson shop and330.725.6421 for Medina.

BOOK YOUR WEDDING WITH US AT ONE OF OUR GROUP TASTINGS ($150.00 deposit) AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY 6 INCH CAKE TOPPER. ($45 value!) This is one of the only wedding events we do all year and it books up most of our availability so mark your calendars and call us for reservations! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ann Taylor - Looking Bright for Spring & Summer

My Ann Taylor card is about ready to scream. Can I get my limit raised? Just kidding. (ok, not kidding) They've got a new celebrity ad campaign, hello Kate! And some pretty fantastic fashion to go along with.
I. Want. Every. Piece. Why are we still chatting? Let's get to the goods.

Get into a bright state of mind:

Look #1 - $38-$158
Look #2 - $34-$228
Look #3 - $30-$158
Look #4 - $34-$228
Look #5 - $30-$118

Great neutrals to pair with neon accents (lips, nails, belts, clutches!)

Look #1 - $48-$228
Look #2 - $58-$128
Look #3 - $48-$228
Look #4 - $48-$198
Look #5 - $48-$298

Preview of a hot, hot summer:

See more of what's to come here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scenes From A Friday Night

Ahhhh, the Friday night date night.

Having season tickets to the Cavs for so many years means the husband and I get to have quite a few midweek date nights downtown, shielding yourself from the blistering wind and snow while making the trek from where we park to the Q. (The key is having a great spot halfway to stop, warm yourself up, get a libation, meet up with friends, before bundling up and walking the rest of the way.) Since it was a Friday night game and it was quite warm out for this time of year, we opted out of our usual and strolled along E4th St. I feel like I live here lately. With The Greenhouse and Noodlecat, CLE Clothing Co and Dredgers Union, I'm here at least twice a week.

You could tell something was happening last night as droves of people were packed into downtown in every bar and shop. The Heat was here. We headed to Flannery's to meet up with some friends. Packed was an understatement and I almost had a slight panic attack waiting at the bar for my drink.

Walking over to the arena, excitement filled the air. Something I haven't felt in the last 2 years. It's been rough. But last night sparked excitement and the crowd was the crowd I remember (you know, when winning came easy - or easier.)

And it was the first time I was actually there early enough to get Rocco's Tacos and Nachos! (This really being the only reason I was stoked, as I still didn't have faith in my fellow Clevelanders to behave and not act like complete idiots with you-know-who in town.)

We saw Rocco behind the counter and the husband asked if I could get my picture taken with him. I'm listening to him now as he (bless his heart) tells Rocco I have a blog. Oh My God! You DID NOT just say that. Out loud. To Rocco! I'm now beyond mortified and the husband has no idea why. But Rocco says sure and comes out and this happens.

I got scooped!

I'm oddly less mortified now (he's so incredibly sweet! and strong) and I'm ready to get my taco on.

spiced chicken tinga tacos (my fave)

braised beef brisket tacos (hubby's fave)

We ordered the Spiced Chicken Tinga Tacos (baby greens, jack cheese, scallion, lime-avocado sauce, salsa fresca) and the Braised Beef Brisket Tacos (sweet teriyake glaze, jack cheese, crispy tortillas, salsa fresca). Oh, Rocco! Where have you been all these years when I've scoured the Q for a dinner that I won't regret later?

He stopped by to ask how we liked everything, but I was so busy mashing my face in taco heaven that I could barely nod.

show that taco who's boss!
As if I wasn't already swooning, he left us a treat.

hello german chocolate lover

I'm already craving more. Rocco's Tacos also serve up grilled vegetable tacos for only 366 calories, garlic buttered shrimp tacos, goat cheese nachos and sea salt nachos. See menu here.

Walking around the Q seeing everyone with their seasoned fries, chicken fingers and orange nacho sauce made me slightly nauseous after my delectable dinner. I've decided that we need 3 more Rocco's Taco stands in the arena to give a run to the fried chicken finger ones.

We sat down for the first half and it was. so. painful.
Like watching your ex strut about with their new girlfriend and you are a bumbling idiot. So for the second time ever (the first was when I had the flu and fell asleep in my seat) we left before the end of the game. Halftime to be exact.

The game was much easier to watch from the bar at Chinato with a French 75 in hand.

All in all it was a good night - other than the massive loss. I spotted some cute spring fashion (cobalt skinnies) and we played the 'count the North Face jacket game' (I swear admission is half off if you wear one.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Short Rib Pappardelle w/ Wild Mushrooms

This is one of those great, easy, tastes-like-you-spent-all-day-slaving-in-the-kitchen recipes. In other words, my favorite kind.

Short Rib Pappardelle with Wild Mushrooms

8 (bone-in) beef short ribs (4-41/2 lbs)
8-10oz pappardelle
1 lg onion -quartered
10oz wild mushrooms -sliced
2 shallots -sliced
3 cloves garlic -sliced
1T flour
2 cups Vienna Lager (or any beer you like)
1 cup red wine
2T chopped flat leaf parsley
2T olive oil
1T butter
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
salt, pepper to season & taste
1T Worcestershire

Season short ribs w/ salt, pepper. Heat 1T olive oil in large skillet (med heat) and brown in batches. Do not overcrowd pan.
Add browned meat to slow cooker.

In same pan, add onion, garlic. Saute 1 minute. Add wine to pan to deglaze, scraping up any browned bits. (1 minute)
Add wine, onion and garlic along with beer, rosemary and Worcestershire to slow cooker.
Cook on Low 5-6 hours.

Remove short ribs from slow cooker, discarding bones and set aside loosely covered with foil.
Strain and separate fat from cooking liquid.

Heat 1T olive oil and 1T butter in large saute pan (med heat). Saute mushrooms & shallots til slightly softened and browned (approx 8 mins)
Add 1T flour to pan and stir for 1 min.

Add strained/separated cooking liquid to pan stirring until slightly thickened. Add salt/pepper if needed to taste.
Add reserved meat to sauce, heat on low until warmed through.

Meanwhile, prepare pasta according to pkg directions.
Top pasta with meat and sauce, finish with parsley.

mmmmm..beef short ribs!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine...

Wishing you a fun, festive and fashionable Valentine's Day. Thanks for reading my little piece of the world.

xoxo, Kimberly

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