Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So Not Down With The Sickness

It seems everyone in the CLE is sick. With temps being an unseasonably 50 degrees here, the germs just keep going around.

Who was I to think I could escape? Especially when the husband (aka germ carrier) came home with it. For the record, he never gets sick and has needed to go to the doctor approx 2 times in his 40 year existence. He usually stays healthy while bringing the germ home for me to enjoy. thanks, honey

So now he's sick. Like a virus, sick. How am I supposed to take care of someone who for 1. is a guy and 2. hates to be taken care of - all while trying to keep a 3 foot radius from him and his germ and run around the house with a can of lysol. That didn't work out too well. As I came down with the sickness just days later. ARGHHHH! Oh well, at least I have great company, as I said earlier everyone is sick.

Problem is I hate tea, and juice and boring brothy soups. Pretty much everything that you need to consume while sick. I like candy and creamy things and wine.

Has anyone ever gotten better on a steady diet of Dots and Malbec? Cause the germ carrier says no.

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