Saturday, December 10, 2011

OPI Gel Polish - Russian Navy

You all know by now how I'm completely obsessed with all things shellac. For a girl who has to have perfectly polished nails (and wouldn't succumb to artificial nails), this has been a life-changing development. It's so nice not having to give myself a manicure every 3-5 days because my polish started to chip or peel. After trying and loving CND's Shellac and Nail Harmony's Gelish, I was thrilled to try out OPI's Gel Polish. Unlike their previous attempt, Axxium, this went on just like Shellac and Gelish and came in a polish bottle.

I forgot to photograph these when I got home. I took these pics 7 days later. Still look great (as always!)

OPI's Russian Navy is a dupe for Gelish Deep Sea. The only difference I can tell is that Deep Sea has slightly larger shimmer particles than the OPI. As for the formula - I'm in LOVE. They wear exactly like Shellac & Gelish, but might be a tad glossier-if that's even possible.

I'll let you know how weeks 2-3 go.


  1. Love it! Where did you find the polish at? I can't find them online...

  2. I got mine done at a local salon that offers the service. I haven't seen it retail yet (they only have it listed on their PRO site,but I'll keep you posted if I do. Here are a few sites it's avail on...


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