Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neiman Marcus 2011 Christmas Book

The holiday officially starts in my house when the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book arrives. I won't even take it out of it's protective wrapper until I have a quiet place to concentrate and a glass of something lovely. This year I was eagerly anticipating it's arrival, watching for the post to come and being disappointed when, again, it wasn't there. Of course it arrives on a day I'm working. During a rainstorm. And the husband could not care less about the mail. So there it sat. But thankfully still in perfect condition. Why all the buildup? Because I'm a bit of an obsessive. Since the economy hasn't yet recovered, I'm in need of a little fantasy. A little extravagance. I'm tired of all the belt-tightening and budgeting and woe-is-me. My household is not immune (so please don't take this personally). I just really need a little holiday pick-me-up!


Um, ok. Not to be too particular, but it's called the Christmas Book. Gone are the Christmas trees, Santa and the elves. Thankfully they left me a nativity scene, some nutcrackers and a snowman. The cover doesn't even put me in the Christmas mood. Hmmm. This is the first time I've been disappointed by NM.

Here are some of my past favorites (remember these?!)

Not to worry, I still found some things for Santa to bring me...

I'll be in my slippers ($40) while cruising around in my speedboat ($250k) and
tucking into a bit of Chanel ($2500).

A little Marc Jacobs ($1250) and Gucci ($250) never hurts...

...but why bother when you can have this ($395k)


  1. Their sales recently on Halston Heritage clearance dresses was unbelievable....not a fan of the cover this xmas either, way too springlike in color and mood

  2. Ooooh, how did I miss that?! They really do have some wonderful sales


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