Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MAC Stylishly Yours, Cham-Pale, Peacocky & Mickey Contractor...whew!

 If you're the kind that always has that post-Christmas letdown, MAC has come to the rescue with 4 new collections!  Stylishly Yours & Cham-pale are releasing 12/26 and Peacocky & the collaboration with Mickey Contractor will be out 1/6. 

Stylishly Yours

cream color base $16.50
fluidline $15

lipstick $14.50

pigment $19.50

beauty powder $22


lipgelee $14.50

lipstick $14.50

paint pot $16.50

eyeshadow quad $36

chromographic pencil $14.50
eye kohl $14.50
kohl power $14.50

special reserve highlighter powder $28

nail lacquer $13

tinted lip conditioner $14.50


kissable lipcolour $18

kissable lipcolour $18

mega metal shadow $19.50

MAC & Mickey Contractor

lipstick $14.50, lipglass $14.50, eyeshadow $14.50,
eyeshadow quad $36, fluidlines $15

moisture cover concealer $16.50, double-end moisture cover $21,
studio fix foundation $26, blush $18.50, #219 brush $24.50
#239 brush $24.50, #116 brush $32
There are rumors that these could be releasing a few days earlier than published, so check your local MAC counter and you might be able to snag some of these before they're available online :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Visions Of Feathers Dancing In My Head

Thanks to Chloe over at The Chloe Conspiracy for my latest crazy obsession.  Ever since she posted a photo wearing this unbelievably insane goose feather skirt it's all I can think about.  I don't want piles of presents under the tree.  I won't even wish for snow.  All I want for Christmas is for santa to leave this under my tree.

via Chloe

Ridiculous, right? Ridiculously fantastic.  It's been nearly 3 weeks and I just can't get it out of my mind.  Available at Neiman Marcus retailing at $695.  It's actually one of the few items that looks better on someone not model tall.  It's very Black Swan.  Well, the good-girl version!

via Fox Searchlight

a darling little black version from Club Monaco $249

Olivia Palermo rocking pink & black via Asos

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wines Of The Week & Christmas Dinner

Christmas is this week and where did the time go?  I swear it was just Halloween and I was thrilled to finally be able to put on my holiday music.  Instead of visions of sugarplums, presents, wrapping and Christmas cards, all I can think about is food.  And drink. 
I'm not a person of New Year's resolutions, but I certainly adapt the 'let's get organized, eat better and get back to the gym' thought process.  A new year feels like a new beginning.  And by that time I'm tired of all the heavy soups, stews, pastas and roasts that I spend all summer craving.  But it's not quite that time yet so I'm currently fantasizing about all that holiday food has to offer. 

This weeks wine picks are courtesy of Greg and Dan in Tremont and are perfect pairs to your holiday menu.

Baumard Cremant Brut (Loire) - a sparkling wine that's fresh and crisp.  not sweet and perfect to start off the evening. $19.99
RouteStock Pinot Noir (Willamette) - this just smells like Christmas.  hints of cranberry, warm spices and baked cherry pie. $19.99
Klinker Brick Zinfandel (Lodi) - beautiful, deep color.   velvety with a slight clove and ripe berry flavor.  the husband couldn't believe it was a zin.  $17.99
RouteStock Cabernet (Napa) - wonderful tannins and a long subtly smoky finish. $19.99
Chateau Roumieu Lacoste Sauternes (Sauternes) - this dessert wine can truly take the place of dessert.  a little goes a long way.  it's sweet and decadent with hints of vanilla and apricot, your guests wont even realize you didn't serve dessert.  pair with berries for the perfect end of evening treat. $21.99

All can be found at Wine & Design or your favorite local wine retailer.

This year my husband and a friend bought and split a lamb, so leg of lamb is on the Christmas menu, as well as caramelized onion pappardelle, brussels sprouts and squash.

Leg of Lamb recipe via Esquire
Pappardelle with Caramelized Onions via Martha Stewart
Bacon Shallot Brussels Sprouts via Australian Food

Dumpling Squash w/ Cream & Sage via Martha Stewart
'Tis the season to indulge! (at least a little, anyway)  What are you craving for Christmas?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Cold Winter's Night

Old man winter came for a visit, liked the CLE and decided to stay.  As temps have been hovering in the teens (with wind chills headed below zero) even the snow lovers are cold.  Locks and doors are frozen and you'd better keep that shovel right next to the scraper in the trunk.  When you're out and about there's nothing like a heated seat and being bundled up to your eyeballs!  When you're inside, crank up that fire and check out these snuggly ways to stay toasty.

Craving a Starbucks eggnog latte? No chance in h*ll you're leaving the house? Making one is super easy.

Steam equal parts egg nog and milk.  I use fat free (milk) since I'm not a fan of the super heavy custard-like texture of nog.  Add a shot of espresso, a little cinnamon or nutmeg and you're good to go.  Top with whipped cream if you're so inclined. 

This pairs wonderfully with Trader Joe's Almond Snowman Cookies.  Actually, anything with these cookies is super fab.  They are so good I think I'll be hiding them from my husband.  They have a delicate almond, butter, sugar cookie flavor sprinkled with sparkly (snow-like) sugar on top.

Snuggle up with your nog and some of these super cuddly treats.  Go ahead, gift yourself!

Restoration Hardware cashmere cable knit hot water bottle $39

I know, I'm probably the only person under the age of 70 that uses a hot water bottle.  But when you live in a drafty 150 year old house you get chilly.  Fill it with hot water from the sink, get on the sofa and you'll be warm for hours!  And who doesn't love cashmere!

RH monogram cashmere robe $249

RH mini cashmere hand warmers $15 (reusable) perfect for coat pockets

RH cashmere cable knit throw $184 (was $379!)

Banyan Tree headbands $20

Banyan Tree fleece lined leggings $26

So stay in and treat yourself to a snow day.  Everyone else is getting one, why not you?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Native Cleveland & A Project Runway Treat

There's so much to do on these holiday weekends that it seems like it takes me all week just to catch up.
Last Saturday I dragged the husband out for a little Christmas in the CLE.  Stopping first at the Ohio City Christmas Festival.  I really wanted this to be a little more wonderful that it was, but this being the first year, I kind of understand.  Street vendors were braving the cold selling holiday wares. Santa, carriage rides and patrons bustling in and out of the brewery, wine bar and coffee shop.  Next year I'd like to see more out on the street.  Roasted chestnuts, candies, cider.  All those smells that make Christmas wonderful.  It was great to see everyone out and about.

Next stop was the Wooltex Gallery on Superior for the Cleveland Handmade Market.  I was excited to check it out and got to meet Valerie Mayen from Yellowcake and the latest installment of Project Runway.  She is even more adorable, charming and humble than she is on tv.  She had a few samples there to check out along with headpieces to purchase.  Seeing her work up close I instantly realized I needed one of her pieces NOW.  I found a sketch of a dress that I fell head over heels in love with and gave her my info so we could set up a meeting at her studio.  I will keep you posted as the process gets started on making a custom piece.  I was so thrilled over my new project that I forgot I wanted to meet Anne Harrill of Oceanne. (maker of the fab CLE pendant and other gorgeous jewelry)  Darn.

After Wooltex we headed over to Waterloo to check out Native Cleveland.  They're featuring really cool local stuff from the guys at CLE Clothing Co., prints from Grey Cardigan and jewelry from Kendal Croix and more!  They are right past the Beachland Ballroom and Music Saves.


adorable handmade pieces

bringing CLE (akron, kent & ohio) pride to even the smallest

great selection of accessories

and totes, too

We were running pretty good on time and had some time to kill before our dinner res at Dante so we stopped in to visit Dan & Greg at Wine & Design.  There I found some really cute Christmas cards and all proceeds benefit the Merrick House in Tremont.  After dinner we walked across the street to hit the Hot Toddy Party at the Banyan Tree.  It had just started snowing and all of Tremont has this wonderful glow.  They finally got more of their knit headbands in stock.  I bought a black one and later regretted not getting one in every color. They just posted that they got fleece lined leggings.  Always a reason to go back!

We ended the evening meeting some friends up at the Velvet Tango Room.  And if you haven't been there during the holidays, you're missing out.  The VTR eggnog is legendary and not to be missed. (even if you're not an eggnog kinda person)
As we were leaving, the snow started falling harder, putting a beautiful, sparkly blanket over our fine city.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goings On & oh, yeah Snow

Hi everyone.  Hope you're all staying warm and safe with the latest installment of lake effect snow.  Just when I thought I was the only person who liked winter, I read this post from happy in cle's blog.  I'd like to tell everyone who complains about the weather here to move someplace else.  Actually I do tell person.  I'm just to chicken to do it on my blog.  I only have 50 readers so I'm not quite willing to piss you all of just yet.  So I'll just second his thought :)

On to this week(end's) events.

Thurs 12/9
Meet Valerie Mayen @ Latitude 41 for a pizza party fundraiser benefiting the sewing co-op Buzz & Growl.

Friday 12/11
Check out the Sugar Plum Shoppe (right next to the Capitol on 65th St)
Open Fridays-Sundays til 12/22
A holiday market featuring local bakeries and confectioners.

Tremont Art Walk 6-9PM

Ohio Knitting Mills grand opening of the Pop-Up Shop in the Gordon Square. 5-9PM

Then head over to watch the Ohio City Singers Christmas-ing it up at The Happy Dog 9:30PM

Sat 12/11
Main Street Cupcakes Holiday Party (Rocky River & Hudson)
Enjoy free mini cupcakes, 15% off Christmas Eve orders and if you bring in a cupcake ornament (Rocky River location only) you get 2 free cupcakes!

Bazaar Bizarre at the 78th Street Studios Sat & Sun @ noon
All the latest and greatest from the best local vendors we've got.

Sun 12/12
Sunday Classics at the Capitol Theater - White Christmas (noon) 
Discounts with ticket stub at Latitude 41,  Luxe and Reddstone.

Wed 12/15
Kevin from Music Saves will DJ at The Happy Dog 9PM

So...what kind of fun are you getting into this weekend?

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