Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday Nail Collections

It's that time of year again, when cosmetics get glittery and this years holiday nail collections are no exception.  Put some of these on and you won't even need jewelry, as most are jewels in their own right.

OPI Burlesque

There are 12 polishes in this collection where OPI teams up with SONY to promote the new film featuring Christina Aguilera and Cher. 

Colors Left to Right
Bring on the Bling, Glow up Already!, Extra-va-ganza, Simmer & Shimmer, Show it & Glow it!, Sparkle-icious
Rising Star, Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On!, Let Me Entertain You, Ali's Big Break, Tease-y Does it

Mini Teasers set $12.50

Merry Me

Looks Like Rain Dear

What's Your Point-settia?


Sample Sale

Only Gold For Me

Flurry Up

Mini Collection $22
Dear Diary, Still Shopping, Looks Like Rain Dear, Sample Sale, Teal We Meet Again, Just a Little Dangerous

ZOYA Flame Collection (this was originally billed as Fire & Ice)

Flame Sampler $36







Available November 1st

All in all this is a pretty sparkly collection.  That being said, I never wear sparkle.  Nope, not metallic, shimmer or glitter.  .For some reason they look awful on my hands and doesn't feel right.  But I LOVE them on other people!!!  However, I think Zoya's Valerie could make me a convert.  At least for a holiday party or two.  The Essie colors all look to be opaque cremes, but I haven't tried them out yet.  Looking forward to Smokin' Hot, Masquerade Belle and Luxedo.

Let me know if you try any of the colors featured here and if they look as fab as they appear.

Disclaimer: All nail lacquers featured on this blog will always be a 2 coat application.  If, for some reason, I feature a product where the color can only be achieved in 3 coats this will be noted.  As I always wear a base and top coat, 3 coats of polish is not ideal.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jenna Lyons of J. Crew

If I had a sister, I'd want her name to be Jenna.  Jenna Lyons to be exact.  She'd be that best friend with effortless style, perfectly mussed hair and simply beautiful without any makeup, save for a bright coral lip.  Ahhh, if only.

Yes, I have a girl crush.  And I'm not the only one.  She has been featured multiple times in WWD and this week in an article on Who What Wear.

Earlier this summer she was named President of J. Crew, being promoted from Executive Creative Director.  She joined the company in 1990 as an Assistant Designer and last year was awarded a $1 Million bonus for her part in their success.

Most well-known for Jenna's Picks online and in the catalog, her design aesthetic has maintained the brand during these rough economic times.  Bringing back the concept of core apparel pieces mixed with function and whimsy.  You don't need an entire new wardrobe, just accessorize your classics and update them with a twist for each season.
Jenna's Picks November 2010

Jenna's Picks October 2010

With an impeccable easy style, she is that woman who can throw on her boyfriends button down, belted with a wool mini, bright tights and an armful of bangles that at once seems casual yet chic.  She'd be that older (yes, shes 42) sister, always knowing what to do, where to go and what to wear.

Tartan & Tudor

I've tried to keep my wit about me, really I have.  But a few months ago when I spotted the first promo images for MAC's A Tartan Tale Holiday collection I nearly lost my mind.

There is an entire color collection along with kits and palettes ranging in price from $14.50-$49.50.  On sale online today & in stores Thursday 10/28.

Please visit Christine @  Temptalia for a full review plus amazing close ups and swatches.  I went to MAC @ Crocker Park yesterday and pre-ordered 4 of the sets. I ordered the Happily Ever After lip kit, Dashing Lassie eye palette, Hark The Heraldry face kit and the Vain & Glorious lip set w/ tartan bag. 

Starting today if you order from MAC online you'll get free shipping over $50 and the holiday book A Tartan Tale free with any $75 purchase.

FYI: If you see something you love, get it right away.  MAC usually ships about 200 of each piece to each of their doors, but this year they only received 30 of each piece and set.

Everyone's jumping on the Tartan theme for the holidays.  Coach has some great accessories in their Poppy collection.

laptop case $88

cashmere scarf $128

Not to be outdone, Rescue Beauty Lounge has launched the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection.

Catherine $18

Anne $18

Jane $18

Catherine H. $18

Rescue Beauty's Ji Baek names these after Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard and was inspired by fashions of Givenchy, Lanvin and Celine.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Housekeeping In Style

Cleaning.  No one loves it...okay, almost no one.  But we all have to do it.  Here are some fun tools and festive scents to get you in the clean.

Upgrade your dish soap.  Williams Sonoma has an amazing holiday collection.  Every year I look forward to their Spiced Chestnut, but this year I also opted for Orange Spice to get me through October & November.  They also carry a Winter Forest scent, but I'm not too sure how I feel about cleaning with a pine tree. (but it smells amazing!)

dish soap $10.50  16oz
hand soap, lotion, dish soap kit $19.95

A cheaper alternative is Mrs Meyers Orange Clove which is $3.99 and can be found at Target. 
They also have a wonderful counter spray for $3.99

Those pots and pans don't get washed any faster, but it smells good while you're doing it.  Even the husband noticed!

All you need is a fun apron and gloves and you're set to go.

                                                                                Francesca's Collections $14

The chore I most hate is laundry.  I'll do just about anything to get out of it.  But I could be persuaded with a laundry room that looks like this.

laundry carts $129-229

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hallo-wines (& Design)

Need a little something spooky to serve at your Halloween party? Just want to get a little festive this week?  There's an entire crop of wines available for your dark, drinking pleasure.

I originally saw Vampire wine at The Fresh Market a couple weeks ago and thought, here they go, trying to capitalize on the Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries phenomenon happening.   These kinds of things are great for Halloween kitsch, but never end up tasting very good.  So imagine my surprise when I get an email that Wine & Design  in Tremont is having a Halloween themed wine tasting.

If you haven't been here before, it's a great little shop on Starkweather before you get to St. Theodosius.  One of the owners, Greg, is an interior designer and the shop is filled to the brim with art, furniture, accessories, gifts and WINE.  They have a great moderately priced selection and are always on hand with a good recommendation.  Once a month (or so), they have wine tastings ranging from $5-10 for 3-5 wines
Here's what we tried:
Vampire Chardonnay (Napa) a classic Chardonnay with a crisp apple flavor with hints of vanilla $12.99
Buzzard Tree Zinfandel (Paso Robles) a deceivingly light to medium bodied Zin that packs a spicy peppery finish $15.99
Howling Moon Old Vine Syrah (Lodi)  this one all the men loved,with hints of leather, spice and cedar $14.99
Dracula Syrah (Paso Robles) a hearty wine with hints of cherry and chocolate $17.99
Rook (Columbia Valley, WA) merlot/syrah/cab blend. wonderfully rich and smooth with hints of coffee $14.99

So surprised I was, since all of these were quite enjoyable. 
I ended up coming home with the Rook and a bottle of Prosecco (of course!)

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